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In 2015, one of the most popular videos on Youtube featured women who fixed the gap between their teeth using home made braces. Increasingly people are judged according to their appearance and having well aligned and healthy teeth is considered to be a sign of competence, efficiency of the individual. However a person who is unfortunate to have used the services of an incompetent dentist when young, for fixing braces or teeth, will have misaligned and or missing teeth.
Due to the high levels of vanity and intolerance today powerful officials are not willing to consider the factors which caused the loss of teeth and will openly ridicule the person, deny opportunities to a person who is otherwise competent. If a person who has few broken or misaligned teeth will go to a dentist for braces, they will insist on removing all the broken teeth, which are otherwise not creating any problem at all. Additionally some of the young dentists are extremely rude to their patients, refusing to answer their patients questions, despite charging their patient a large amount.
Hence many individuals who have misaligned teeth are looking for home remedies to reduce the misalignment of their teeth, which will also save them time and money in visits to the dentist. The number of people looking for home remedies for their dental problems is far more than what is estimated. Dental professionals will always insist that a person visit a dentist, yet some dentists can worsen the problem. In other cases, the dentist may not be available due to a holiday or personal reasons or the patient not taking an appointment.
A large number of people were interested in the home made braces costing $5 posted in the Youtube video and a number of similar videos were posted. Similarly many people are interested in home made dental fillings to fill their teeth at home, especially if they live in remote areas. In the US there are some websites selling dental fillings which can be inserted at home, in India these products are not so easily available. Manufacturers, suppliers of dental products which can be used at home for fixing dental problems can send their product specifications, pricing so that interested individuals can contact them.
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