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Increasingly people are considering the condition of their teeth as part of their beauty. When a patient is having an implant or crown, it should ideally blend naturally with the existing natural teeth in the mouth, so it is vital that the dental lab provides shade matching service, so that no one can make out that the person is having an implant

The dental lab should be able to provide the implants and crowns in all colours, shades of white to match the teeth, so that it is not easily obvious that the patient has implants or crowns. The dental lab will often include a free shade matching service for any order for a zirconia or porcelain dental crown or bridge which will placed with the dental lab.

Many of the clients of dentists working in the entertainment sector, are very particular about their smile, as it can affect their professional career. So they will approach the dentist for a smile redesign. The dental lab will also work closely with dentists to help in designing the smile of the patient, informing the dentist about the availability of various materials, technologies.

Earlier most dental work was done using metals like silver and gold, as they were very similar to the natural enamel of the teeth in their properties, very long lasting and durable. However due to aesthetic reasons, fewer people are opting for gold crowns, fillings

Though the ceramic crowns and implants may match the original tooth in colour, they are not very durable, and are easily fractured. When the crown is fractured, the remaining part of the tooth on which a root canal has been conducted will also break off.

All their dental work comes with a five year warranty and they have their own drivers to deliver the dental prostheses to the dentist quickly.

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